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04: Scaling Success: Jayme Downey's Journey from Real Estate to Coaching Life & Listings: Balancing Real Estate, Scaling Your Future w/ Jennifer Staats

The Life and Listings Podcast welcomed Jayme Downey as a guest, where she discussed her journey in the real estate business alongside her husband. Their successful partnership, spanning two decades and incorporating both their strengths, highlighted their ability to work harmoniously in their roles. Jayme shared the trials and triumphs of working alongside her husband, Bobby, revealing their unique approach to handling different aspects of their real estate business. Their transition from top-producing agents to establishing their own brokerage, NextHome, was driven by a vision that Bobby had for a larger brokerage full of people, while Jayme was more focused on excelling in their roles and ensuring quality service. Jayme's personal transformation, prompted by a life-changing breast cancer diagnosis, empowered her to embrace vulnerability and honesty, leading her to a coaching role where she helps agents navigate the real estate industry. Her coaching style is direct and honest, setting clear expectations right from the start. The conversation ended with reflections on the funny and memorable experiences encountered in the real estate world, adding a lighthearted touch to the podcast. Jayme emphasized her accessibility, encouraging anyone interested in coaching, referrals, or a simple conversation to reach out to her, ensuring her availability and willingness to connect. Overall, the conversation delved into the intricacies of real estate, personal growth, and the importance of embracing authenticity and vulnerability in both professional and personal spheres.   Episode Highlights   Effective Partnership: Jayme and her husband thrive in real estate by leveraging their complementary strengths within their roles. Brokerage Establishment: Transitioning from agents to owners, they founded NextHome based on Bobby's vision and Jayme's commitment to excellence. Personal Growth and Coaching: Jayme's journey, fueled by a breast cancer diagnosis, led to her coaching role, where she offers direct guidance and embraces vulnerability. Humorous Real Estate Encounters: The discussion also highlighted amusing and memorable moments in their real estate careers, adding a light touch to the conversation. Accessible Guidance: Jayme welcomes connections, offering accessibility for coaching, referrals, or casual conversations to share experiences and insights. “Real Estate is perfect. So it isn't perfect. It is hard. Real estate is hard right now. Yeah. So I encourage everyone. To be truthful on your journey, people want to come along with their journey with you.”   Connect with Jennifer: Website: Instagram – Staats Solution: Instagram – Jennifer Staats: LinkedIn: Connect with Jayme Downey: Website: Social Media Links Facebook: Instagram:  
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