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Top Expert Shares His SECRETS to Real Estate Lead Generation!

Staats Solutions and LeadRise got together to talk all about what it takes to improve the Real Estate agent’s online lead generation playbook! We talk all about how to create a client acquisition system for Real Estate agents that really works! Watch to the end to get access to Simon’s tutorial for creating ads that generate hot leads!

What Every Agent Needs to Close More Deals in 2023!

Why are agents not closing more deals in 2023? Our obsession with online lead generation and automated leads have created a gap between real estate agents and homebuyers and home sellers. In a world of increasing technology, Spencer Linquist from Ruuster shares with us the pivot every agent should take this year as they build their clientele with the help of technology!

How to Rank Higher on Google

Want to improve your ranking on google my business?? Your ranking on Google plays a huge role in improving your business SEO strategy and online visibility. Use these tricks to automatically improve your ranking on Google starting right now!

Scaling Your Business

Here are 4 tips to start scaling your real estate business. Are you ready to hire? Do you have the systems in place to successfully scale up your business? Discover 4 tips to make scaling your business successful.

Get more out of CTE with these tips from Coach Yvonne Arnold

Jennifer Staats sits down with Yvonney Arnold to gain a deeper understanding of CTE. Learn how to set up and gain insights from your CTE. Knowing your numbers allows you to see what’s happening in your market and what you need to do to succeed. Get tips from coach Yvonne Arnold on how she uses CTE to know who on your team is struggling and how you can help them improve. Understand your income, and expenses while tracking your profitability throughout the year. See the trends and beat your competition to those leads by reaching out before the market heats up.

How to Post Consistently on Social Media

Posting consistently on social media is a challenge for every real estate agent or brokerage owner. In the day-to-day, it can be a challenge to work with clients, manage your business, and think of content to post online. If you’re looking to get more consistent in posting to your social media, we’ve got a step-by-step formula for real estate agents to create a system that will allow you to post on social media regularly.

How to Get More Client Reviews

Client reviews are the KEY to your real estate business’ growing online presence and searchability. Platforms like Google and Yelp use their algorithm’s to prioritize those with active reviews for search results. If you want to appear at the top of the search results, its important your clients leave you reviews.

Follow this easy guide for getting more 5 star reviews from your clients.

Organize Your Listings for FREE

If your looking to improve your listing organization then watch this! I’ll teach you how to organize your listings and create a transaction workflow with free or budget friendly programs online.

Solving Low Productivity on Your Real Estate Team

How to create clearly defined roles in your real estate organization! In this video we’ll break down why your team isn’t functioning on a high level and how to improve on that in easy steps.

Essential Systems You Need to Run a Successful Real Estate Business

What’s the secret to selling thousands of houses a year in your real estate business? Automation and Technology…..according to Justin Benson the CEO of Bara Agency. He’s a real estate agent who has helped hundreds all over the country automate and create systems ran by the best technology!

The results have been game changers for realtors they’ve worked with and at our Mastermind he shared the reasons why! Get your notebook ready, it will be packed with fantastic nuggets from July’s Staats Mastermind.

You can learn more about the Bara Agency here:

Staats Mastermind: Transaction Coordinator Panel

What is a transaction coordinator? What do they do? How can your real estate business improve with one? When do you hire a transaction coordinator? We covered all of these questions and more on our Transaction Coordinator Panel during September’s Staats Mastermind. Watch the replay below as Denise Salvi of Hello Leverage and Maggie Newell of Brandir Services join us for a conversation around the power of a Transaction Coordinator in your Real Estate Business.