Leveraging AI for Innovative Real Estate Content

In the dynamic world of digital real estate, professionals are exploring inventive methods to engage their audience and expand their businesses. Jennifer Staats’ class unveiled innovative approaches to repurpose social media content using AI tools like transcription services and Chat GPT. Discover how these technologies empower real estate experts to create compelling content, reach widerContinue reading “Leveraging AI for Innovative Real Estate Content”

81 Tax Write-Offs for Real Estate Agents

Now is the time to be prepping for your 2022 taxes. We know it may not be the most exciting item on your holiday to-do list, but trust us, understanding your tax write off options are worth taking the time to make a list and check it twice! As a part of our remote operationsContinue reading “81 Tax Write-Offs for Real Estate Agents”

Fall Video Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Creating seasonal content is imperative to maximize your SEO strategy. It can be challenging as a real estate agent when your area of expertise may not lend itself to fall recipes or fashion trends. However, with a bit of creativity and strategic thinking, you can utilize the top seasonal keywords everyone is searching to deliverContinue reading “Fall Video Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents”

The Off-Market Property Beatdown

If you are newer to the real estate world, you may not yet know about the National Association of Realtor’s (NAR) ruling in November of 2019 and the requirement to adopt the changes by May of 2020. We’ll give you some insight. Off-market properties advertised to the public without being listed on the Public MultipleContinue reading “The Off-Market Property Beatdown”

Real Estate Agent Safety

As much as we hope our clients are well informed on the best practices when it comes to real estate agent safety, we still want to help educate. Being a real estate agent comes with great rewards both professionally, personally within your community, and monetarily. Along with these rewards, agents face real threats to theirContinue reading “Real Estate Agent Safety”