Fall Video Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Creating seasonal content is imperative to maximize your SEO strategy. It can be challenging as a real estate agent when your area of expertise may not lend itself to fall recipes or fashion trends. However, with a bit of creativity and strategic thinking, you can utilize the top seasonal keywords everyone is searching to deliver high-end value to your audience. Inside today’s blog, we’ve got real estate content ideas for your videos this fall.

Real Estate Video Content for Fall

1. Fall Local Events

As a real estate agent, your job is to be the resident expert on all things local, from the best neighborhoods and schools to the best hot spots in town. As your audience is looking for fall festivals and community events, you’ve got a great opportunity to share your local expertise! Create a video filming yourself around town talking about each of the events or locations. Include reasons why you’ve chosen each one and top tips for enjoying them. Here are a few ideas:

  • Top Pumpkin Patches in (Name of the city)
  • Best (Name of the city) Fall Festivals
  • (Name of the city’s) Top 5 Farmers Markets
2. Fall Holiday Hot Spots

This is another chance for you to maximize your network and knowledge of your neighborhood or city. One of the top searches online during this time of year has to do with locations for holiday activities, like family photos or even restaurants serving up holiday dinners. If you’ve got a relationship with a photographer you could feature them in your video or see if they’d like to offer your clients an incentive on family photos. Does your network include restaurant owners? Feature them in your video highlighting the different holiday menu items or events they are hosting. Here are what these video ideas could be titled:

  • (Name of city/area) Best Locations for Fall Family Photos
  • Top (Name of city/area) Restaurants serving Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Best Tips for Attending (Name of city/area) Thanksgiving Day Parade
3. Fall Real Estate Tips

This is your chance to shine as an agent! Although this may not rank as high on seasonal keywords, offering fall real estate tips allows you to provide high-quality content for your real estate clients and audience while still being fall “centric” in nature. Check out some of our ideas below:

  • Fall Home Improvements that will Prepare Your Home for Winter
  • What to Expect this Fall from the (Name of the city) Housing Market?
  • Is Fall a Good Time to (Buy or Sell) Your Home?

Finding ways to create seasonal SEO-friendly content will help you to continue growing your online presence and offering value to your real estate clients and audience. We’d love to know if these ideas were helpful to you!

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